Upcycled furniture pieces are born again and again from reused material, recreating the old with a fresh breath of life.

Upcycling with Opaque , is a great way to let your inner artist shine. Refurbish your old furniture with our design expertise, to create pieces that are fresh, new and exclusively yours!

Embrace the imperfections that come with your old charpai or armchair, a neglected bookshelf or discarded table. Together, we will reinvent it with an organic and economical makeover, using our unique methods and designing processes.

End result - it's a usable work of art! A bespoke new addition to your home design.

Do check out our upcycling series to know more about our makeovers.

Currently our services are available in Delhi / NCR only. We are working to get to your city very soon.

Write to us at connect@opaquestudio.in