Opaque Studio is a product design studio that manufactures furniture, home décor and accessories.

Conceived with a passion for design, up-cycling and unfolding unconventional ways to dress up homes and spaces, at Opaque, we translate creative thoughts and dreams to eccentric designs. Working with sustainable, renewable and natural materials, we produce an extensive range of hand crafted furniture and décor.

Inspired by both, we know that success tastes best when it’s collaborative. We work with artisans from across India to create each piece that carries us forward together in our design adventure. This is us doing our bit towards promoting traditional handcrafts and local artisanal communities.

Opaque Studio is a registered property of Colorhouse Living Pvt Ltd.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Opaque Studio unique?

Opaque is a product design studio that offers accessory furniture and home decor with minimal and unique blends. Our primary focus lies on making our products functional and easy to maintain by its loving owners.
At Opaque Studio, our promise is to provide you sustainable and organic products made from natural materials (like terracotta clay, wood, jute, 100% cotton fabric and cane).

How are Opaque Studio products crafted?

We have more than 50 artisans on board at Opaque Studio and we are constantly adding more to our team. Our artisans come from rural parts of India who are experts in their traditional crafts and art forms.
All Opaque products are handcrafted by our artisans who add a touch of their emotion and story behind each product. So basically, when you buy from Opaque Studio, you are taking home a product with a strong backstory.

Why are your delivery timelines so long?

Opaque Products are not machine made and hence, it is not possible for us create huge quantities at once. All our products are created by hand which is a tedious and time consuming process.
Furthermore, we ensure another round of finishing touches are aplpied to your product (again, by hand) right before we ship it out to you so that you receive them at their best!

Do you offer repair on your products?

While it is not in our policy to offer any repairs that go beyond our guaranteed time, we would request you to get in touch with us should you require so.
Having said that, we assure you won't require it!


Opaque was founded by Kritika Gattani in 2019. A Fashion Merchandiser by profession, a dreamer by enthusiasm, a boss at work who loves to get her way at home too! In a future not so far away, she wants to own a cafe where everything is handcrafted by her and inspired from the roots of India's art and culture. Stop by for a chai in an earthenware cup or a little story when you can. Opaque is her inspiration to work a little harder and to smile a little more. It is her happy place. Each day she wakes up to create colourful, whimsical, fun experiences that refresh old memories.

"I have a penchant for creating ‘eccentric designs’ that transform items of everyday utility into sustainable works of art. I enjoy playing with textures and patterns, creating products from scrap and painting the town red with my amateur canvases and artistic pottery."

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