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Tableware and kitchenware comprise an entire collection of plates, serving bowls, salad bowls, wooden spoons, platters; including a variety of designs, patterns, and shapes. The products can be used to set a table, serve and display food. It includes amenities that are helpful in serving dishes and other useful items for practical as well as decorative purposes.

6 products found in Tableware & Kitchenware

Salad Bowl with Two Servers
  • Rs. 2,090.00
Fruteira Sphere Terra Bowl
  • Rs. 2,250.00
Fruteira Line Terra Bowl
  • Rs. 2,250.00
Terracotta Serving Bowl
  • Rs. 1,150.00
Sylvan Terracotta Bowl
  • Rs. 1,500.00
Sylvan Charcoal Bowl
  • Rs. 1,500.00