The Subtle Beauty Of Organic Minimalism

Go organic with an all-cane furniture this year for your home.

Well,  every home would have a piece woven in cane in either furniture or décor. Cane furniture was loved by our grandparents as the most treasured possessions because it was long lasting and flexible to mould as per the design.

Cane Furniture is one of the biggest trend in 2020 as it combines simplicity and comfort with high aesthetic appeal. Its earthy and natural appearance gives a trendy and urban look to your space.

Layer it up or mix-n-match your cane furniture

Layered cane or rattan furniture with colour, form or texture is trending both indoors and outdoors. No matter what your vibe is, cane furniture would enhance every décor from boho, minimalist , contemporary to traditional.

Cane Furniture is good for health

Sitting on a cane furniture is good for people with diabetes as it cools down the body temperature.

Cane requires low maintenance

The beauty of cane is that it requires low or no maintenance.  You can easily dust it off or use a vacuum cleaner to clean. Easy to handle and pocket friendly.