Transforming Spaces Using Mirrors As Home Decor

Affix some splendour into your space with an accessory that defines an unusual charm.

Mirrors add character to your space. Choose the right location and strategically add mirror that can amplify the light and depth of a space.


Mirrors can enlarge any space

This beautiful piece of décor can act like a decorative wall art or a utility object. You can use it in small spaces to make it look large or use it in dark spaces to brighten up the spot.

  • Floor length mirror in your living room or bedroom to make it look like a large piece of artwork or to make the space appear large.
  • Small mirrors places in guest room or powder room adds that extra glimmer to the space.
  • Hanging mirror opposite to your balcony or gardens reflects beautiful outdoors indoors and multiplies light brightening up the whole room.


Mirrors and Vastu : all you need to know

Vastu defines the positions of the mirrors. It says placing the mirror at the right direction encourages the energy to follow around the house and it is very powerful.  Mirror has the ability to attract good fortune, wealth and happiness, if used as per vastu.

According to Nupurr Gupta, Director Numero Vastu :

North direction is considered the most ideal for mirrors in Vastu, it creates money earning opportunities. Avoid triangle shape mirror and hues of red in mirror.

South direction should be completely avoided, as placing mirror in south can lead to fire accidents, financial problems and might create false allegations at work place. But if its required then a mirror not more than 2 Feet in Length, in a round or oval shape in Earthy colours can be placed in south.

South-West direction, mirror can create relationship problems so avoiding here is advised or at least covering the mirror when not in use can solve the issue at large.

To enhance business and social connections, mirrors should be placed in West and East directions. Avoid  green and dark yellow colour respectively.

Remember, a well-placed Mirror can create positive vibrations in life.