Reinvent Norms for Decoration this Christmas

Festivals are made more interesting with well decorated spaces. One often associates Christmas with lights, cozy winter evenings and a Christmas Tree. Decorations are most commonly done with trees and trinkets like bells, snowflakes, balls, stars, socks, ribbons and fairy lights.
However, we all try to do something interesting with our spaces and bring in some unique home decor each year. For how you decorate your home and the vibes you create is a reflection of your personality.

Here we list down a few easy ways for you to do your Christmas decorations in a different way and go beyond general norms.


1. Revamp Your Christmas Decorations

This Christmas, try playing with some offbeat trinkets for your Christmas decorations. Instead of the commonly used plastic decor, go for more unique and quirky ones. In addition to the staple ones like stars, fairies, bells and Santa, throw in some fun trinkes like owls, birds, trees, huts, evil-eye and name tags. You can ditch the plastic ones and go for other alternatives made in ceramic, glass, wood, embellished, embroidered and hand-painted.
You may use these decorations to create hangings for walls and doors. These can be hung in your Christmas corner, patio or balcony or on a plain wall that requires decking up.


2. Decorate With Plants & Flowers

Adding some green plants to your home can not only decorate your house but also provide health benefits like having good health and reducing the stress level. It helps to keep a good mood and also improves concentration.
Painting earthen pots with attractive colors or just arranging these pots in the corners of the room can change the look of house. If these pots are kept with shrubs, creepers and bonsais, they will surely increase the beauty of your house.
Temporary vertical garden can be set up around your Christmas corner to create an attractive indoor look. Corners of the house can be decorated by arranging plants on each step of a wooden ladder. You can add Christmas decorations and fairy lights to your greens to add the festive vibe.
Additionally, you can also opt for Red, Purple, White and Green flowers to create a setting that is befitting with the Christmas theme. You may use green leaves and flowers to make wreaths and hang them up on your doors.

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3. Play With Lamps & Fairy Lights

Tall lamps placed on the ground can beautify a space. Colorful bulbs of contrast or complimentary lighting can be added to lamps to build an ambience. You can decorate your Christmas tree or other greens in the space with fairy lights.
You can also fill multi colored fairy lights in a vase and stack it around your Christmas tree or in a dark corner of the room. These multi colored lights give a cozy and lounge ambience to the room in evenings.


4. Style Your Festive Table Layout With Assorted Serve-Ware

This Christmas, try to break the stereo type by shifting to nontoxic cookware and serve ware. Just cooking healthy food is not enough. As safer alternatives are available now, you can look to use cookware and serve ware made of clay. Serving starters in wooden or terracotta serve ware can be a good idea. Natural wood not only gives a traditional look but it also looks classy.
This will not only give your table ware a different look but it will be one step ahead taken towards a healthy living.
The dinner table can be properly set up with all the cutlery and crockery laid out. You can add quirky napkin holders and fold the napkins in various ways. A big centrepiece can be a good idea to add to the occasion. You can add vibrancy to the setting by playing with runners and table mats with their colours and textures.

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5. Decorative Candle Holders & Vases

Decorative candle holders can be kept on the dining table or console table. Decorate the surrounding area with tea lights and flower vases. Decorating the house with beautiful candles gives an attractive and eye catching look while setting the festive feel.

Arranging fresh flowers will not only decorate your house but will also give a fresh look. Beautiful vases can be placed on the centre table, corners in the living room or end tables to accentuate the overall look of the space. Transparent vases can be filled with small lights, decorative stones, coffee beans, and leaves to create a differentiated look.

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Merry Christmas 🎄