How to Accentuate your Cottagecore Decor Aesthetics

Have you ever pictured yourself living among farmhouses, pretty cottages and flower fields? In the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of cities and towns and lead a very simple and organic life? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there’s a whole aesthetic and community dedicated to this kind of lifestyle known as “Cottagecore.”

Cottagecore is a way of life inspired by the ideas of simplicity, sustainability, slow living, and being at one with nature. It is centred around activities like cooking, gardening, and knitting. It focuses on the idea of sustainability and being mindful of everything we do.

“Cottagecore decor” was one of the most searched terms online when the pandemic first started. Its popularity sprung from reminiscing of old times when everything was simple and not infiltrated by the urban lifestyle. It is basically taking pleasure in the simple things in life, which the pandemic helped us realise that it is necessary to take a breather in life and live slowly. Cottagecore is a lifestyle movement and a state of mind. 

In this blog, we have curated some furniture and home decor items that will give you a little idea of how to decorate your living space so that it can transform your home and fully align with your cottagecore aesthetics.

1. Rattan Chaise Lounge

2. Thonet Bamboo Rocking Chair

3. Gio Cane Chair

4. Egret Cane Armchair

5. Bali Bamboo Bar Trolley

6. Rattan’s Butler Tray Table

7. Vintage Bamboo Bench

8. Natural Bamboo Console Table

9. Natural Bamboo Basket Side Table

10. Garden Rose Cane Ottoman

11. Epicurean Magazine Holder

12. Delta Distress Basket Cabinet

13. Pecan Bamboo Side Table

14. Umber Cane Double Door Cabinet

15. Squash End Table

16. Brunette Cane Cabinet

17. Jowai Floor Lamp

18. Handwoven Water Hyacinth Cushion Large

19. Kai Bamboo Wall Mirror

20. Rustique Mirror