7 Trends To Follow As You Redecorate Your Home In 2021

Since the past year, many people are spending most of their time at home. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home and that is likely to be the scenario for the remaining of 2021 as well. Consequently, people are paying attention towards making their homes a cosier and comfortable place which is designed well.

New trends enter each year when it comes to interior design. We feel that 2021 will be about creating light, airy and natural looking spaces that emit a feeling of warmth. People will also focus on budget friendly ways of decorating their homes. Let’s dive into the different things we feel will occupy 2021 in the home and garden scenario.

1. Adding bold colours to your space

Psychological research suggests that the choice of colours have an impact on you. Bright rooms help you stay in a good mood. However, intense colours are not widely suggested for offices spaces as they can create a distraction. 

When you decide to use bold colours, you must keep in the mind the rule of 60/30/10. The neutral shade must be 60 percent of the room. A bolder shade of colour can be 30 per cent. And a very eye catching shade like yellow, red, etc. should be no more than 10 percent to create a good look.

If there is a good balance with colours then the space really looks sophisticated. Should you be less reserved with adding colours to your walls, you can also explore introducing the same through furniture, home decor and furnishings.

2. Creating a contrast with light and dark shades of wood

Dark floors with light colour furniture instantly create a designer look. Soft colour makes people feel light. Sunlight is reflected by well in lighter wood tones making the space look lively, spacious, airy and calm. A good contrast is created in the room with darker walls or floors and lighter shades of furniture. It is important to note that furniture with light wooden texture needs a little bit of extra care and maintenance.

You can also look at flipping this colour match given the size of the room and availability of natural light into the space.

3. Introducing natural and sustainable materials

Natural and organic materials are gaining popularity as people are increasingly becoming conscious of the environment. You can introduce furniture and home decor made from naturally occurring raw materials like cane, terracotta, and wood. Such products bring in an earthy vibe to your space and are also now available in contemporary designs.

You can also introduce them in your kitchen through serveware and tableware products.

4. Adding plants for a natural feel

Plants help to create an indoor-outdoor feel and also help in creating a calm environment. Research suggests that incorporating plants indoors can balance blood pressure, reduce headaches and flu like symptoms while also keeping the mood happy.

A trending décor idea this year is to create herb planters or kitchen gardens. You can grow herbs inside your home that can be used for cooking and also serve décor purposes. You can decorate the plants in your kitchen, balcony and garden.

Additionally, add an aesthetic vibe by bringing in nice planters that blend with the overall style of your space or can rather be contrasting.

5. Creating a raw-like brick wall

Brick has amazing uniformity which makes it suitable for a gorgeous backdrop. They add texture to the room and create a casual and contemporary look. They help create a balance in the room if walls are painted with bold colours. These brick backdrops can be used to create a relaxing area which can be decked up with fun and vibrant wall decor.

6. Playing with lights and lamps

Lights and lamps can be introduced in different shapes and styles basis the general design of the space. Using lamps made of natural components can add a chic and organic touch to your interiors. Light bulbs can be inserted in small semi-circular or cone shaped baskets which can then be hanged to create subtle lighting and shadow effect.

You may also explore playing with coloured lights bulbs. For creating a lounge feel, you can explore red or blue. Warm white or yellow bulbs make for a good living room ambience.

7. Creating a natural look with wooden tree stubs or logs

The lawn area of the home can be made to blend with nature by adding furniture primarily made from tree stubs or logs. Alternatively, you can also add home decor and accents made with natural twigs. Photo frames, wall mirror or even planters are good addition to your living room to add that raw and rustic design.


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